Our Mission and Objectives

Our Mission
  • - promote new compositional works by Australian and international composers
  • - inspire, train and develop Australian musicians in the performance of contemporary music
  • - promote Sydney as a leading centre for the composition and performance of contemporary orchestral music
  • - engage with local communities to enhance cultural diversity in NSW through contemporary music
  • - give composers from all nationalities the opportunity to have their works performed by professional musicians thus promoting our diverse culture through contemporary music.

The Sydney Contemporary Orchestra (SCO) promotes new music by today’s composers from Australia and around the world. 

  • We have a vision of enriching the cultural life of Sydney, and establishing Sydney's reputation as a leading centre for the performance of contemporary music. 
  • We are the only Australian orchestra dedicated solely to performing the music of today's composers. 
  • We engage locally based professional musicians - and we provide our musicians with specialised training and direction in the performance of new contemporary music 
  • We provide Sydney audiences with opportunities to hear live performances of the music of today's composers - opportunities that would not otherwise be available to them. We also educate our audiences by inviting composers to speak to the audiences during our concerts 
  • We support and promote today’s generation of contemporary composers, recognising the importance of their role in creating a musical legacy for our times. We work with both leading established composers - and also with up-and-coming composers who would not otherwise have the opportunity to have their works performed. 


Funding Conductor, Artistic and Executive Director Dr Brian Chatpo Koo, founded the Sydney Contemporary Orchestra in 2013. Together with about 100 the finest Sydney professional musicians and a fabules volunteer management

team, Brian is dedicated to creating a platform where more new orchestral works can be written, performed, heard, recorded, published and become a part of our music culture, as he believes music development history is written by composers' creativities. To encourage and to reach the pinnacle of this creativity and art, Brian believes that it must through devotion, perseverance, determination, and the most importantly through constant performances. Since 2013 the SCO has held 11 concerts, performed 38 new works of the composers from 22 countries.

Brian founded the SCO Youth Symphony (SYS), a training arm of the Sydney Contemporary Orchestra, in order to provide professional orchestral training to young musicians, as he believes with classical music training and carefully selected programs covering a variety of cultural perspectives, young musicians can be equipped to broaden their vision and to enhance their understanding of culture, civilisation and human society. With it's two levels orchestras - the Sydney Hills Youth Orchestra (SHYO) and the Sydney Hills Junior Orchestra (SHJO), more than 200 young musicians have been trained and some of them became professional musicians.

He also founded a community symphony orchestra, Western Sydney Symphony Orchestra (WSSO) in 2019. To enrich the music cultural live of the Western Sydney by providing fantastic opportunities for the local music lovers to play and to enjoy the classical music, the WSSO has hosted two concerts brought a more vibrant, sustainable and inclusive local community for lovers of classical and symphonic music.


President - Dr Brian Chatpo Koo

Vice President -Rawah Dorranian

Secretary - Rajishwar Datt

Treasurer - Lalesh Chand Linda Haworth

Rita Lee

Eva Lau



Executive Director - Dr Brian Chatpo Koo

Office Manager - Rajishwar Datt

Finance Manager - Lalesh Chand

Publicity Manager - Rawah Dorranian

Concert Manager - Rita Lee

Orchestral Assistant - Bryton Johnson



Orchestra Manager - Rebecca Caffyn

Membership Manager - Eva Lau

Concert Manager - Rita Lee

Founded in 2013 and led by its Founding Conductor, Artistic and Executive Director Dr Brian Chatpo Koo, the Sydney Contemporary Orchestra (SCO) is dedicated to exploring and promoting new music of contemporary composers.

Based in Sydney Australia and comprised of about 100 of Sydney finest professional musicians, the SCO offers high standard professional video recording service for contemporary orchestral music providing significant incentives for composers to pursue creative endeavours in new music and to enrich the music culture of our times.

Since 2013, the SCO has hosted 12 concerts - Music Contemporary 2013, 2014, 2015, Contemporary Piano Music 2014, Chamber Music 2014, and the Sydney New Music Festival 2016 which consists of six open rehearsals and 3 public concerts (Contemporary Piano Music 2016, Contemporary String Quartets 2016 and Contemporary Chamber Music 2016), Sydney International Composers Concerts 2017, Sydney International Composers Concerts 2018, ,and has performed and promoted

56 new works of the composers from 40 countries and regions around the world. The SCO also hosted and video recorded a Chinese New Year Concert for the celebration of the Chinese Spring Festival in 2015 which was highly acclaimed.

The vision of the SCO is to enrich the cultural life of Sydney, and to establish Sydney's reputation as a leading centre for the performance of contemporary music. The SCO promotes the music of today’s composers from Australia and around the world. It is the only Australian orchestra dedicated to the performance of new music by today’s contemporary composers.

The Sydney Contemporary Orchestra Inc. (ABN 83 708 568 952) and The SCO Foundation it operates is listed on the Register of Cultural Organisations under Subdivision 30-BA of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.

All Board members of the Management Committee and Managers are volunteers, enabling us to keep our funding towards employing the finest musicians and ensuring that our concerts are of the highest quality.



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Patron Program

Be inspired, be challenged and enjoy the privileges of being an SCO patron. Gain access to the best seats, composer meet and greet, and a host of other offerings. Join today to enjoy the music of our times.

Patron Levels: 

  • Orchestra - $40,000 AUD+
  • Chamber - $20,000 AUD - $39,999 AUD
  • Quartet - $10,000 AUD - $19,000 AUD
  • Solo - $5,000 AUD - 9,999 AUD

All donations and gifts are tax deductible in Australia.  

For more information about Patron Program please contact us:


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Be aligned with one of the most modern, progressive, innovative and contemporary orchestras in Australia. Our corporate sponsorship program allows companies to shine, market to a niche audience and reap many extensive benefits of such a partnership.

The more generous the level of support, the more exclusive the benefits, and may include:

  • access to dress rehearsals
  • client entertaining opportunities through meet and greet (composers and orchestra)
  • product display and marketing handouts
  • VIP tickets
  • recognition opportunities - social media, advertising programs at the concert
  • private event sponsorship opportunities
  • employee discount ticket program

Corporate Sponsorship Levels:

  1. $2500 Corporate Strings
  2. $5000 Corporate Woodwind
  3. $10,000 Corporate Brass
  4. $20,000 Corporate Percussion
  5. $40,000+ Corporate Orchestra

These are generally corporate sponsorships and tax deductible to the business as a business expense.

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Our Sponsors

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No one else in Sydney is doing this, and you are providing a great contribution to our musical scene.

Steven Machamer - Timpanist 



....an amazing energy, funding and collecting works is needed to organize and realize an orchestra such as SCO and all these wonderful concerts, you make the quality of music rise in every musical work and there are not a lot of you out there.

Trimor Dhomi - Composer (Kosovo)



The SCO has been doing very interesting work indeed and certainly worthy of support.

Prof  Stuart Geoffrey Andrew Greenbaum - Composer (Australia)