Studied composition, electronic music, choral music and choral conducting, and band instrumentation at the conservatoires of Bologna and Modena. Subsequently he advanced into the Master program at Verona Opera Academy with A. Corghi, Triennal course degree at ICONS Academy Novara with A. Solbiati, and other courses and masterclasses with F. Donatoni, A. Guarnieri, G. Ligeti, G. Grisey, G. Petrassi, N. Castiglioni.

He has won and received commendations at various competitions including: Gustav Mahler Klagenfurt, Counterpoint-Italy International, SuonoSonda, Daegu Contemporary Music Orchestra, Valentino Bucchi Prize, Pierre Schaeffer, Egidio Carella, Reggello International Festival, and many others.

His works performed in Italy, Slovenia, UK, Greece, Ucraine, South Corea, Japan, USA, Argentina, Brazil, Canada. Scores are published in Italy by Ut Orpheus, Sconfinarte, Bèrben, MAP Editions, Agenda, and TEM-Taukay; CD’s are available on TACTUS, RMN Label, CMC Milano, SuonoSonda, Soundiff, Accademia Pescarese.

Actually teaching in Bari (Italy), Conservatorio Piccinni.


The score work around the famous theme La donna è mobile from Verdi’s Rigoletto.

It was a commission for Festival di Bellagio 2011 edition: a only one variation from various composers.

I wrote the first variation very close to original score in melody and harmony.

In a second time I had the idea to go on with harmony and strumentation progressively away from the original score and a final ricapitolation in the forth and last variation.


... the SCO has been doing very interesting work indeed and certainly worthy of support.

A/Prof Stuart Geoffrey Andrew Greenbaum, Composer (Australia)


­ amazing energy, funding and collecting works is needed to organize and realize an orchestra such as SCO and all these wonderful concerts, you make the quality of music rise in every musical work and there are not a lot of you out there.

Trimor Dhomi, Composer (Kosovo)



I'm very excited to hear your interpretation and to bring the piece to life!

Luke Flynn, Composer (USA)