Contemporary String Quartets concert of Sydney New Music Festival 2016

From September 28, 2016 7:30 pm until September 28, 2016 9:30 pm
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 Contemporary String Quartets

 Sydney New Music Festival 2016

Wednesday 28 2016 | 7:30 PM
TLC Theatre, Baulkham Hills High School



Obsession by Talia Amar (Israel) 14'26”
Neoclassicism Theme by Martin Vitous (Czech Republic) 10’47”


String Quartet Knight Mov.2 Mian Chen (Canada)8’.20”
String Quartet No. 3 Timothy Miller (USA) 10’00”
Four Pictures for String Quartet by Brian chatpo Koo 12'00”

Sydney Contemporary Orchestra
String Quartet 16
Violin I - Beata Stanowska
Violin II - Sonya Maher
Viola - Irina Andreeva
Cello - Michal Wieczorek
Conductor - Brian Chatpo Koo


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Concession $30 $55 $75 $12 $17
Under 30 $20 $30 $55 $7 $12






... the SCO has been doing very interesting work indeed and certainly worthy of support.

A/Prof Stuart Geoffrey Andrew Greenbaum, Composer (Australia)


­ amazing energy, funding and collecting works is needed to organize and realize an orchestra such as SCO and all these wonderful concerts, you make the quality of music rise in every musical work and there are not a lot of you out there.

Trimor Dhomi, Composer (Kosovo)



I'm very excited to hear your interpretation and to bring the piece to life!

Luke Flynn, Composer (USA)