Sydney Contemporary Orchestra

 The Sydney Contemporary Orchestra Inc. (SCO) is an innovative orchestra for contemporary composers and their avant-garde compositions for symphony orchestra.

We assist composers by promoting them and their works in various ways:

- Performances in public concerts
- Video Recording Program
- Digital Publishing Scheme
- List composers' names on our website 

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... the SCO has been doing very interesting work indeed and certainly worthy of support.

A/Prof Stuart Geoffrey Andrew Greenbaum, Composer (Australia)



I am very impressed and fascinated by the orchestra performance.

Wen Liu, Composer (China/Vienna)



I'm very excited to hear your interpretation and to bring the piece to life!

Luke Flynn, Composer (USA)







  • be a partner of the Sydney Contemporary Orchestra
  • be a part of the musical and cultural life of sydney
  • support living composers
  • be a facilitator of music cultural developments
  • be a creator of music history

As a non-profit charity organisation, it would be impossible to achieve our goals without your support!
The Sydney Contemporary Orchestra is seeking interest in two programs besides the individual donations.

  1. Patron Program - Supporter Opportunity
  2. Corporate Sponsorship - Business Opportunity


Be inspired, be challenged and enjoy the privileges of being an SCO patron. Gain access to the best seats, composer meet and greet, and a host of other offerings. Join today to enjoy the music of our times.

Patron Levels: 

  • Orchestra - $40,000+
  • Chamber - $20,000 - $39,999
  • Quartet - $10,000 - $19,000
  • Solo - up to 9,999

All donations and gifts are tax deductible in Australia.  

For more information about Patron Program please contact:

Bernadette Jew
Chair of The SCO Foundation | The Sydney Contemporary Orchestra Inc.
0411 125 859 | Email:

Julia Farquharson
General Manager |The Sydney Contemporary Orchestra Inc.
0409 409 814 | Email:

Rawah Dorranian
Publicity Manager |The Sydney Contemporary Orchestra Inc.
0415 807 434 | Email:


Individuals and companies may donate any amount above $100 via online donation form.

All contributions (donations, gifts) are tax deductible in Australia. 

To qualify as a deduction under Division 30 of the Act, a gift must be given voluntarily without the donor receiving any material advantage or benefit in return; otherwise it is not considered to be a ‘gift’. Donors may not put any conditions on a gift. Donors will be acknowledged in our website, programs, annual reports as our honor Patrons (unless you wish to remain anonymous). However, no form of prominent advertising such as corporate logos may be used. 


Be aligned with one of the most modern, progressive, innovative and contemporary orchestras in Australia. Our corporate sponsorship program allows companies to shine, market to a niche audience and reap many extensive benefits of such a partnership.

The more generous the level of support, the more exclusive the benefits, and may include:

  • access to dress rehearsals
  • client entertaining opportunities through meet and greet (composers and orchestra)
  • product display and marketing handouts
  • VIP tickets
  • recognition opportunities - social media, advertising programs, website and more
  • private event sponsorship opportunities
  • employee discount ticket program

Corporate Sponsorship Levels:

  1. $2500 Corporate Strings
  2. $5000 Corporate Woodwind
  3. $10,000 Corporate Brass
  4. $20,000 Corporate Percussion
  5. $40,000+ Corporate Orchestra

These are generally corporate sponsorships and tax deductible to the business as a business expense.

Sponsor a single concert,
Sponsor a music festival,
the choice is yours

Contact us:

Barbara Howard
Business Development Manager | The Sydney Contemporary Orchestra Inc.
0412 607 714| Email:

Rawah Dorranian
Publicity Manager |The Sydney Contemporary Orchestra Inc.
0415 807 434 | Email:


Our Patrons







­For more information, please call our
General Manager Julia Farquharson
0409 409 814 

Thank you for having me on board for such a fascinating journey of rich, new music. It was great to perform with you and the Sydney Contemporary Orchestra.

Neil Thompson



I`d like to say thank you once again for such a beautiful and inspirational concert.

Marcin Wolski



I take this opportunity to congratulate you on a very well balanced program with interesting works generally well played by the orchestra.

Warwick D. Ross