Opportunities for composers to get the works to be performed and video recorded in concerts. 

“What should composers today do with the music they have created? This is the critical question of our times. Should our works be kept aside, waiting a long long time to be realized and performed and get royalties? Or shall we get our works to have every opportunity to be performed and to be heard before worrying about our performing rights and royalties?” … Quoted from A Message from the Artistic Director

Sydney Contemporary Orchestra is a nonprofit organization. It is dedicated to exploring and promoting the new music of contemporary composers. Supported by the SCO Foundation, the Sydney Hills Shire Council, it provides a service for composers who wish to collaborate with other composers to share the costs of getting their works performed and video recorded in concert form.

Thanks to the SCO Foundation’s support Dr. Koo’s contributions as voluntary works, and composers’ contributions of collaboration fees.

Thanks to our volunteer managers of the SCO Management Committee who enable us to continue providing services to composers.

The sharing fee covers:

  1. Concert Performance – Selected works will be performed by the Sydney Contemporary Orchestra in Sydney Australia.
  2. Open Rehearsals – Composers are welcome to the open rehearsals to discuss and explain their works;
  3. Video Recording – The recording will be taken during the concerts,
  4. Digital Publishing -The recordings will be published on our website via YouTube, enabling a lasting legacy for personal and/or commercial purposes.
  5. List composers’ names and the works on our website – All recorded works will be listed on our website, one of the largest websites for contemporary composers and contemporary compositions with a high visitor traffic flow.



Composers of all nationalities and ages who wish to video record their music may submit the works to apply for a fee-sharing position. There are four categories with different rates of each to meet composers’ needs.

5 categories:

A. Contemporary Piano Music
B. Contemporary Chamber Music
C. Contemporary Orchestral music (Double winds orchestra)
D. Contemporary Orchestral Music (Triple winds orchestras)

Category A – Contemporary Piano Music
Instrumentation: Piano solo

up to 5 minutes $500 AUD
More than 5 up to 10 minutes $800 AUD
More than 10 up to 15 minutes $1,000 AUD
More than 15 up to 20 minutes $1,500 AUD

Category B – Contemporary Chamber Music
Any combination of the following instrumentation:,, 1 perc.,*

up to 5 minutes $1,000 AUD
More than 5 up to 10 minutes $2,000 AUD
More than 10 up to 15 minutes $3,000 AUD
More than 15 up to 20 minutes $4,000 AUD

Category C- Contemporary Orchestral Music II
Double winds orchestra:,, Timp. 1 perc.,*

up to 5 minutes $3,000 AUD
More than 5 up to 10 minutes $6,000 AUD
More than 10 up to 15 minutes $9,000 AUD
More than 15 up to 20 minutes $12,000 AUD

Category E – Contemporary Orchestral Music III
Triple windes orchestra:,, Timp. 2 perc., *

up to 5 minutes $4,000 AUD
More than 5 up to 10 minutes $8,000 AUD
More than 10 up to 15 minutes $12,000 AUD
More than 15 up to 20 minutes $16,000 AUD

*Piccolo, Cor anglais, Bass clarinet, and Contrabassoon can be doubled in all wind sections.
 Any additional instruments  (harp, piano, etc.) OR solo instruments in addition to the specified instrumentation of each category will apply for extra fees. Contact us for detailed information.


  1. High artistic value and musical content.
  2. High level of originality and compositional techniques.
  3. Willing and able to make sponsorships.


Provide the following materials:

  1. Score
  2. Orchestral parts (if ready)
  3. Audio or video (if available)
  4. Structural analysis (if available)
  5. Photo
  6. Biography
  7. Program notes
  8. A cover letter stating that you have read and consented to the regulations and that you are willing and able to pay your sponsorship fee.

The materials can be submitted by:

  • Email attachments (in PDF format and for orchestral parts in .zip files, audio MP3/MP4 files) 
  • Post your hard copy of the score (if it has been published or if it is an oversized score) and DVD/CD (if available).
    Please contact us for a postal address

    (Submitted materials will not be returned )

There is no deadline for submission. 
The finalized program for each concert will be announced whenever the 90 minutes of music is confirmed.  Later submissions may be scheduled for next year. 
If the work is selected you will receive an official confirmation letter/invoice and an instruction for payment methods.
After completing the payment you will receive an official receipt and the details of the concert and rehearsal schedules. 

For any questions please contact us:

Email: office@sydneycontemporaryorchestra.org.au

(Please specify the category and duration of your pieces when making inquiries.)