Copyrights and Performing Rights & Privacy Policy

Copyrights and Performing Rights

To promote composers' works, the concerts are to be recorded, broadcast on international radio and television, or retransmitted over the Internet. Participants therefore must agree to relinquish all copyrights and performance rights and broadcast and recording rights of all kinds, as well as the ensuing rights, for an indefinite time period. The Sydney Contemporary Orchestra Inc. (SCO) may photograph, record and video the participants for advertising and promotion purposes. SCO may photograph all concert and rehearsals events. SCO may not be held liable for any payments to participants arising out of materials derived from the concert. By participating the event, submitting scores, parts, audio files, biographical materials, the participants agree to release their permissions and licenses from their Performing rights, and the rights to future use of all photographs, recording and videoing of their compositions and performances without any financial compensation to the Participants. It is anticipated that a CD/DVD recording of the concert will be commercially produced and that parts or all of the concert will be made available on the internet.

Privacy Policy
The Sydney Contemporary Orchestra Inc. (SCO) is committed to upholding the National Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act. Your personal information is collected, maintained and will be only used by The Sydney Contemporary Orchestra Inc. By participating in any activities and events (concerts, rehearsals etc.) of The Sydney Contemporary Orchestra Inc. you give your consent and permission for SCO to photograph/video recording all the SCO activities and events that contain your photos, images, names, audios and videos, and to use these for purposes connected to the promotion and publications of The Sydney Contemporary Orchestra Inc.
Any question regarding to our Privacy Policy please contact our Managers:
The Sydney Contemporary Orchestra Inc.
INC1301190, ABN:83708568952,



... the SCO has been doing very interesting work indeed and certainly worthy of support.

A/Prof Stuart Geoffrey Andrew Greenbaum, Composer (Australia)


­ amazing energy, funding and collecting works is needed to organize and realize an orchestra such as SCO and all these wonderful concerts, you make the quality of music rise in every musical work and there are not a lot of you out there.

Trimor Dhomi, Composer (Kosovo)



I'm very excited to hear your interpretation and to bring the piece to life!

Luke Flynn, Composer (USA)