Alejandro Javier Padilla Gallegos (Monterrey, Nuevo León). Composer and guitarist. For 5 years (2003-2007) he was coordinator of the Composer Center of Nuevo León, the main agency dedicated to the dissemination of contemporary music in the north of the country. He is founder of the International Festival of Contemporary Music “New Music” of CONARTE.

He was Coordinator of Music and Theater of the Arts of CONARTE from 2008 to July 2012. Winner of the Creators with Trajectory scholarship in 2013. Artistic Coordinator of the Composer Center of Nuevo León, generation 2014-2015. As a guitarist he has performed on the most important stages of Nuevo León, he has been a composer and guitarist of different plays and dance, in addition to recording a music record by composers from Nuevo León along with the Itinerant Ensemble, which he directed from 2003 to 2010. His work has been performed in more than 10 countries by the most recognized ensembles and soloists on the world stage such as ARDITTI, TAMBUCO, NEOPERCUSIÓN, HET TRÍO, Peter Sheppard and Aron Shord, Pierre Strauch, Nicolas Crosse, Álvaro Bitrán and Wilfrido Terrazas, among others. On November 8, 2019, his Concert for Guitar and Orchestra, dedicated to the virtuoso guitarist Marco Tamayo, was premiered by the Symphonic Orchestra od the Escuela Superior de Música y Danza de Monterrey, under the direction of Maestro Leo Brouwer. Alejandro Padilla is member of the World Timbres Mixture, a team of composers and players that use this technique created it by the recognized composer France-Argentinian José Luis Campana. Padilla is professor at the Monterrey School of Music and Dance of Composition, Analysis, Contemporary Music and Mexican Music. From 2013 to date, he is the Dean of the Superior School of Music and Dance of Monterrey. He has two degrees, one in Composition and another one in Guitar Player from the Superior School of Music and Dance of Monterrey.

for String Quartet

The String Quartet Defragmentation, was written after reading about the destruction and creation of the stars, the structure and relationships of the intervals are created from imagining how the particles of a star are concentrated and released and how the apparent destruction of the star arrives same, but that is a necessary process so that the universe is in full change.