Andre Picolo Catelli was born in 1970 in the cithy of Caxias do Sul, capitl of Italian immigration in Brazil. His father, Mario Catelli, was a violinist in the city’s Municipal Orchestra.

From an early age he became very familiar with classical music, especially opera. He studied piano with the founder of the aforementioned orchestra, Eugenio Coletti, and later at the Music School of Brasilia.

He was self-taught in composition through books and scores of famous composers. He taught piano at Kibbutz Yad Mordechai in Israel in 1992, where he made piano arrangements from various Jewish folk songs.

His orchestral piece “Waltz Fantasy in D minor” was performed  by the Sydney Contemporary Orchestra in 2017.

He graduated as an architect in 1996 and now owns one of the largest offices in the Brazilian capital, Accioly Catelli Associated Architects.