Perspectives on Healing
for solo piano
by Chen-Hsin Su (Taiwan)

In order to be healed from the various dilemmas in life, we need to understand our own habitual patterns of thinking in addition to the help provided by others. We often find afterwards that although similar types of dilemmas keep appearing, the main person who helps us overcome them is ourselves.

This piece is composed of melodies or rhythms with several levels of thematic material and their related patterns of variation.
These themes are: ‘’resilience’’, ‘’decision making’’, ‘’contemplation’’, ‘’inner struggle’’, ‘’dilemma’’, ‘’crisis’’, ‘’kind persons and their help’’, “fight for yourself”, and “feeling lost in life”.

The most frequent themes are: “kind persons and their help”, “resilience”, “dilemma “, and ” decision making “. (The less frequent material sometimes serves as a bridge between passages.)

Although the tempo is indicated on the score, the performer can use a flexible tempo as appropriate. This piece takes about 6 minutes to play.