Satoru Ikeda, born in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka prefecture in 1961, studied composition under Hiroshi Otsuki and Shin Sato.

Having got B.A. in Education from Shizuoka University in 1983 and M.M. degree in Composition from Tokyo University of the Arts in 1987, he is currently Musical Director at Shimamura Music Co.,Ltd.

He is a member of Japan Society for Contemporary Music.

Satoru Ikeda has won several awards including the First Prize in « The Music Competition of Japan » in 1988, an award from « Japan Symphony Promotion Foundation » in 2000, Prize for outstanding work in « The Orchestral Song Composition Competition » in 2001, the Third Prize and The Orchestra Award in « International Composition Prize Luxembourg 2004 », the First Prize in « Sogakudo Japanese Lied Competition » in 2004, the « First International Composers Competition for Piano Works “Bell’ Arte Europa” 2005 », « “Kendo Music Composition Competition” for the EXPO Kendo events » in 2005, « Handel-Inspired Chamber Organ Composition Competition » in 2007, « Flute Orchestra Composition Competition » by Japan Flutists Association in 2008, the Third Prize in the « Shakuhachi Chamber Music International Prize 2008 » and « The British Harpsichord Society “Tenth Anniversary Composition Competition” » in 2012.

This is a cyclic work which is motivated by the harmonic series.

The first movement is based on “String Sextet” composed in 2013.

As this sextet is composed with only natural harmonics, to this orchestration, I applied the winds at a one octave lower series of strings.

The second movement is based on an excerpt from “Trio for violin, cello and piano” (2015).

The materials of this movement are natural harmonic glissando and tremolo, and the roar of accord which is applied to the inversion of harmonic series.

The conclusion of the movement and the third movement (Finale) are based on “Brass Quintet” (2011) and the piece for wind instruments (2013) which is a revision of “Brass Quintet”.

“Water Cycle” for orchestra Satoru Ikeda 12/03/1961