Testimonials Musicians

“Congratulations on last week. It was a fantastic project, and the composers that I spoke to thought that it was great. It is always great being able to realise the music of composers, especially in an orchestral setting!

…your hard work already massively benefits the contemporary music scene… “

Andrew Doyle – Clarinetist

“I thought that last night’s concert was the best so far… all the pieces were beautifully written.”

Samantha Mailer – Principal flute
M.Mus Flute Performance (ANU)

“I have worked very closely with many contemporary, living, young and old composers. It is always an energetic, interesting and worthwhile endeavor to cultivate and bring to life as much of this music as possible. Many thanks and congratulations to you for your role in organising, managing and conducting the whole event; a monumental challenge to say the least. I’m very happy to know of the existence of such an organisation in Sydney.”

Jeremy Fox – Double Bass

Congratulations on the concert. It was very rewarding to play such new and contemporary music. 

Kathy Ramsay – Violinist

Thank you so much for the opportunity to play with Sydney Contemporary Orchestra! I had a great time and love the challenge of working on music like this! My partner was in the audience and he enjoyed the concert so much too.

Samantha Knutsen – Cellist

Thank you so much for inviting me to play in the SCO! I really enjoyed learning the music and performing in the beautiful Verbrugghen Hall.

Emily Johnson – Cellist

“Thanks again for having me on board, it was a really enjoyable experience to play.”

Julian McKay – Trombone

Testimonial | Composers

“Thank you so much for providing such wonderful opportunities for composers! The December 22 concert marked the first time my music has been performed in Australia. Without SCO’s program I may never have reached this important milestone in my composing career. “

Paul Dice, Composer
President, International Friendship Through the Performing Arts


“Thanks for sending the video so promptly. This was a first performance and I thought Mr. Apcar did a fine job with his thoughtful interpretation of it.  I also enjoyed listening to the other works as well.”
Richard Campllie
Composers (USA)
“Thank you for the quick turnaround- the video looks and sounds great. Thank you again for this wonderful opportunity.”
Eric Davis 
Composers (USA)
“Sounds great! Very relieved to hear the piece performed so well after having to wait so long because of covid. Send congratulations to Ronan, and thank you for putting this all together.”
Will Davenport
Composer (USA)
“Thank you, Brian. That’s a wonderful realization!”
Xavier Shuang Xu
Composer (China/USA)
Thank you for the opportunity and for the splendid concert! It was an honor to be part of this special event. Too bad I could not attend. If there is another opportunity, I will be present and follow the rehearsals and attend the presentation. As for the video, it’s great! No change to be suggested by me. Congratulations one more time! André Catelli (Brazil)